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WildroZe Auto Body and Wheel Repair, a custom car shop at this location since 1992, specializes in restoring, maintaining and repairing custom and exotic cars for discerning customers. 

Whether it is the hot rod that you have always wanted to own, a restored antique car or a muscle car, we will work with you to make it a reality.  We draw upon many years of experience in working with car buffs and can suggest ideas which you may not have considered.

Our qualified and experienced staff like to take on new challenges using the specialized fabrication equipment in our shop.  They make parts which may no longer be available, very difficult to find or of a unique shape. 

We can also repair damaged alloy wheels with our specialized equipment and staff.

What can Wildroze Auto Body and Wheel Repair do for you?

         Theo Kuypers.

    WildroZe Auto Body and Wheel Repair
       11631-154 Street
       Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
       T5M 3N7
       Phone: (780) 496-9200
       Fax: (780)496-9202
       Email: wildroze@shaw,ca