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These are some of the cars we built

Show Cars
If you are looking for that special award winning show car, come and see us as we have had several of our cars win top car show in the USA and Canada.  One of our special cars is a '32 Chevy
Show Trucks

   '31 Model A Roadster Pickup

We also do award winning trucks like this 1956 Ford 100
Custom Cars
It may start out as a restoration or trying to build a street rod, but as the owners see their cars starting to take shape additional customizing ideas emerge.  Or they may take it to a car show and see that to win they need to add more chrome, some body shaping or rework the inside.  These are the cars that continue to evolve with many becoming very customized cars.

Wildroze works with our customers to make these types of cars a reality for you.   Check some of our work below.  '48 Hudson

Restoring a car does not just involve body work. Depending on the age and condition of the car, some replacement parts may be difficult find or obtain. Fabrication is then the only option. This is where Wildroze with our special tools and skilled staff will do the job for you.

Check out our work on these various cars and if you are interested in having us work on your car, contact us. 

Street Rods
For years you have wanted a street rod, you grew up with them in high school - now so many rods are dreams fulfilled. 

Made famous in movies and in Rock and Roll music.  These are the fun cars to drive and show. Usually the pre- 1949 cars which are lowered, chopped and have  large tires,  shiny paint and loud exhausts.  We will work with you to design and build the cars.   

Many owners will ask us to do the more difficulty work requiring special tools and skills while enjoying the satisfaction of doing some of the work themselves.  The combined work results in that special car and one very happy owner.

Interest in restoring trucks of all ages has increased and we are pleased to offer restorations or customization for all types of trucks.  

Come talk to us about your ideas.


  Kit Cars

We have built kit cars for customers and have added further customization to deliver the exact car they wanted. 


Street Rods

' 33 Ford



'47 Meteor

'65 Mustang 


'70 Chevelle 



'52 Chevy 


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