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What can Wildroze Auto Body and Wheel Repair do for you?

What constitutes an auto body and wheel repair shop?

The shop should be filled with emotion and awe.   The shop is filled with wants and not needs.  A shop filled with dreams and echoes of the words "I want what he has".

These are the defining moments a customer will experience when they are about to live a dream.

When you enter the shop the first few steps should be electrifying, your emotions should take over from your common sense which you left at home.  You can feel your will being taken over by the need to be part of something bigger.  You need to become part of history!  You want to design, redesign or make over your car, your wife's car, your kids car or create something bold and new.  Your ride is going to be a rod, wait a custom, no an ultra cool toy.   Or maybe a new paint job for the Vista Cruiser with some polished rims.  Remember, it is not IF it can be done but "What do you want".  Cars have been the center of the universe and a car and rims can define the person who drives it. 

What does your car say?


    WildroZe Auto Body and Wheel Repair
       11631-154 Street
       Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
       T5M 3N7
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       Email: wildroze@shaw,ca